Jennifer Dutko Selected for MetalForming Magazine’s 2023 Women of Excellence

Unveiling the 2023 Women of Excellence Honorees

MetalForming magazine, in collaboration with the Women in Manufacturing Association (WiM), has unveiled its prestigious 2023 Women of Excellence honorees. This year, this recognition is bestowed upon 51 remarkable women who have made significant contributions to the metal forming and fabricating industries. 2023 marks the eighth annual celebration of these trailblazing women, whose achievements and profiles will be featured in the December issue of MetalForming magazine and on a special section at

Celebrating Impactful Women in Industry

The Women of Excellence in Metal Forming and Fabricating program serves a critical purpose. It not only recognizes the essential role women play in our industries but also aims to inspire future generations to explore the rewarding opportunities of a manufacturing career. These honorees are celebrated for their enduring impact on the industry, their unwavering commitment to their careers, and their invaluable contributions to their communities.

Spotlight: Jennifer Dutko, A 2023 Honoree

Among the 2023 winners is Jennifer Dutko, the Supply Chain Manager at Leonhardt Manufacturing. Joining Leonhardt Manufacturing in December 2020 as a supply chain planner/buyer, Jennifer rapidly ascended to the role of Supply Chain Manager by 2022. Her remarkable two-year journey at our company is marked by significant accomplishments and innovative contributions.

Innovative Contributions and Advanced Expertise

Jennifer implemented a forecasting schedule for service suppliers and developed a standard operating procedure, shifting receiving responsibilities to the dock team. She integrated handheld computers for seamless transactions with our ERP system and introduced a supplier scorecard system. Her certifications in SAP, ASCM CSCP, and ASCM CPIM significantly enhanced our operations, particularly in barcoding and inventory control within our ERP system.

Advanced Expertise

Jennifer’s expertise, highlighted by certifications in SAP, ASCM CSCP, and ASCM CPIM, played a pivotal role in enhancing our operations. Her leadership in the ERP implementation of barcoding and inventory control has been instrumental in streamlining our material and work order tracking processes.

Leadership and Community Involvement

Jennifer’s leadership extends beyond her professional role. Her community involvement and dedication to professional development reflect her commitment to the industry and her peers.

A Role Model for Aspiring Professionals

Jennifer’s career trajectory and impactful contributions make her a distinguished figure in the metal forming and fabricating industries. The Leonhardt leadership team commends her, stating, “Jennifer stands as a distinguished figure in the metal forming and fabricating industries, embodying exemplary leadership and accomplishments. Through her progressive career trajectory and impactful contributions, she has showcased a depth of expertise that sets her apart as a role model for aspiring professionals in this sector. Jennifer epitomizes the qualities and achievements that define leadership in these industries, making her a source of inspiration for those aiming to achieve similar heights.”

Jennifer’s Message to Women in Manufacturing

“I strongly recommend a career in manufacturing to women due to the industry’s increasing commitment to gender equality, financial stability, skill development, and opportunities for innovation and leadership. Women in manufacturing bring diverse perspectives, collaboration skills, pride in product creation, challenge gender stereotypes, and advocate for inclusivity, making this field a rewarding and empowering choice.”

Celebrating Women’s Pivotal Role in Manufacturing

As we celebrate the achievements of women like Jennifer, we are reminded of the vital role they play in shaping the future of manufacturing. Leonhardt Manufacturing is proud to be part of an industry that not only recognizes but also empowers women to excel and lead. We congratulate Jennifer and all the 2023 Women of Excellence honorees for their extraordinary contributions to the metal forming and fabricating industries.

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