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Leonhardt joins Women in Manufacturing PA Chapter

Leonhardt Manufacturing is proud to join Women in Manufacturing (WiM), an association that empowers women workers and strengthens the manufacturing sector.

Joining a group that has a strong belief in promoting professional development for women in the manufacturing industry is something that Leonhardt is passionate about.

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“We are all equal in God’s eyes, but studies show that women are statistically paid less than their male counterparts for the same positions. That is unfortunate,” said Craig Aiello, Leonhardt owner and COO. “Women in manufacturing have it harder than their male colleagues. There are two stigmas to overcome, men who

believe manufacturing is a man’s job and women outside the industry who look down on women in manufacturing.”

More than 14,000 individual members representing more than 2,000 manufacturing companies from 48 U.S. states and 40 countries have joined the group. Members are made up of manufacturers from every job function. WiM provides a culture of inclusion and a welcoming community where everyone can feel they belong. Its goal is to embrace a diverse and inclusive manufacturing sector that offers equitable opportunities and rewarding careers for all people.

“When I started at Leonhardt three years ago, our workforce was only 8% women,” Aiello said. “I believe our workforce should reflect the community in which we operate, and we are now 32% women-employed. We still have work to do, as it should be around 50%.”

Over the past decade, WiM has grown to be the only national and global trade association dedicated to providing year-round support to women who have chosen a career in the manufacturing industry.

“I think WiM is a great organization to join to develop yourself and your career,’ said Jennifer Dutko, Leonhardt supply chain manager and one of the women spearheading the WiM partnership. “I hope to gain local industry knowledge and connections and overall, improve my networking and communication skills.”

The association provides year-round virtual learning, bi-annual virtual career fairs, executive networking group services, a job board, 20 meetings and conferences annually, 31 local U.S. chapters and formal professional development programs.

“WiM is a great group to be a part of because they are not only a networking group but offers incredible programs and support to help women advance in their careers in a male-dominated industry,” said Megan Burdine, Leonhardt sales engineer and one of the women spearheading the WiM partnership. “I hope to expand my network with like-minded women and learn about a lot of different companies manufacturing locally and around the country.”

The WiM mission is to maintain an association that is diverse, equitable and inclusive while also supporting its members’ efforts to build workplaces with that same environment.

Leonhardt echoes the association’s goal of supporting, promoting and inspiring women who have chosen careers in the manufacturing industry and look forward to growing its membership with the addition of women in the manufacturing industry.

Join the Leonhardt Manufacturing team.

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