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New tube bender opens door to creative designs

For many years product designers and engineers have had to face annoying compromises when designing tubular products. Traditional rotary draw tube benders required significant investment in bend tooling, as well as restrictions in part geometry due to the right hand/left rotation of standard benders. These considerations often lead to product designs that had commonized bend radii and simple designs. In other words … BORING!

Now, with state-of-the-art tube benders like the AMOB eMOB-52 2, designers are free to create products that incorporate multiple rotary drawn and variable radii in one single set-up and machine cycle. This capability completely changes the cost/benefit analysis and opens the door to creative designs that were previously cost prohibitive.

Also, improved simulations allow for test runs of bending programs from customer supplied CAD drawings. Working together with engineers and designers, we can optimize quality, cost and function before tooling investments are needed.

Watch this short video on how our new AMOB bender works and let us know how Leonhardt can help you apply this and our other tube bending technology to your specific needs.

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