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Why does beautifully made decorative tubing matter?

Tubular steel is used in a variety of industries, including furniture, transportation, medical device, power sports, recreation and industrial just to name a few. It can be beautiful and decorative, simple and functional, or anywhere in between.

Decorative tubing, often called ornamental tubing, is purely decorative and not suitable for pipeline applications where fluids are being transported. However, it is also a critical component in the safety and operation of the environments or equipment where it is used.

There is a variety of everyday uses for decorative tubing:

  • Handrails for hallways or steps
  • Furniture
  • Elevator handrails
  • Swimming pool rails and ladders
  • Exercise equipment
  • Running boards or step boards on vehicles
  • Handles for ovens, refrigerators, and other kitchen equipment
  • Boat rails and ladders
  • Medical equipment
  • Grab bars in bathrooms

From a design point of view, tubular steel is an attractive aesthetic choice. However, stainless steel is also corrosion resistant. It is strong, long-lasting, has limitless customization options and it’s easy to upkeep, requiring only warm water, mild soap and a soft cloth.

Multiple shape options and sizes are available whether it is used for comfort, like gripping a handle, or for weight-bearing in a decorative shelf.

Several finish options round out the popular use of stainless-steel decorative tubing. A high-grit finish delivers an ultra-smooth surface with a bright finish and clear reflections, making it extremely popular in decorative tubing.

Decorative tubular products and welded assemblies often combine CNC bent tubes, end forming, metal stampings, machined parts and secondary processes with a variety of metal finishes including paint, powder coating, and decorative chrome.

But in order for your decorative tubing to present how you envisioned, rigorous quality control, ISO-certified manufacturing, and metal finishing processes are an extremely integral part of the process.

When finding the right business to partner with, be sure they deliver fabricated tubular products and welded assemblies that meet the highest possible quality standards in decorative metal finishes.

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