Role of Robotics in Manufacturing, Part 2

Robotics has transformed the manufacturing industry, offering a wide range of benefits to manufacturers worldwide. From automation and precision to safety and flexibility, robots play a vital role in enhancing productivity and efficiency.

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Exceptional Quality Control: How to Stand Out from the Rest

Reliable, consistent parts set YOU apart from your competition. That’s why quality management is essential. It ensures error-free and timely delivery of products to your customers. The quality of your product determines the level of trust your customer has for your company and the product you supply. When your products are not delivered on time or have defects, it hurts your company’s reputation.

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New tube bender opens door to creative designs

For many years product designers and engineers have had to face annoying compromises when designing tubular products. Traditional rotary draw tube benders required significant investment in bend tooling, as well as restrictions in part geometry due to the right hand/left rotation of standard benders. These considerations often lead to product designs that had commonized bend radii and simple designs. In other words … BORING!

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The top 5 benefits of 3D printing in manufacturing

3D printing has revolutionized manufacturing and development. Also referred to as additive manufacturing, 3D printing involves combining multiple layers of a material until you successfully create a 3D printed model. It has become a popular choice among manufacturers due to its innovative benefits that complement traditional manufacturing. While manufacturing companies often use other tools and machines to convert raw materials into finished products, 3D printers offer several unique benefits such as lower costs and waste reduction. Here are the top five advantages to 3D printing in the manufacturing industry.

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World-Class Supplier Vs Machine Shop

At Leonhardt Manufacturing, it’s important our customers see us as an extension of their business and get the service they need from all departments. We ensure our sales, engineering, quality, production and customer service are always responsive and understand the goals and needs of each of their counterparts. For us, making the initial sale is just the very beginning of a long relationship. We like to measure our time with customers in decades, not years.

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