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Have a seat … World-class furniture companies depend on Leonhardt Manufacturing

Chrome plated, powder coated, brushed stainless, carbon steel, low or high volume, batch or JIT … Leonhardt Manufacturing continually exceeds the expectations of a variety of world-class brands in the furniture industry. Our in-house fabrication skills involve CNC rotary and variable radius bending, robotic and manual mig and tig welding, CNC machining and polishing and metal finishing. But what really sets us apart is our ability to deliver highly cosmetic finishes to customers with demanding aesthetic requirements. For these customers, it’s not just a metal fabrication. It’s art!

The Challenge:

A global furniture designer and manufacturer reached out to Leonhardt looking for a way to combine a variety of bend radii in a single tube that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also economical to produce. In addition, the project called for a highly complicated welding sequence that required the chair to be welded in a specific manner to avoid heat distortion.

Our Solution:

Leonhardt understands the importance of providing a polished and flawless product and was prepared to meet the needs of the client. Leonhardt applied the latest technology in CNC tubebending equipment, which combines right hand/left hand, rotary draw and variable radius bending. By eliminating the need for multiple set-ups, doing it all in one state of the art machine, tooling and handling marks were eliminated and lead times were reduced.

“Helping our customers succeed in their markets is key to our success,” said Jason Jacobs, Leonhardt Manufacturing CEO. “That starts with understanding the unique challenges every customer faces, and then applying the right tools and technology to the task. When we accomplish that our customers win, which is why most of them have been working with us for decades”

The furniture manufacturer was also able to improve overall quality as Leonhardt developed and built a unique weld fixture that compensated for heat distortion and component tolerances.

Leonhardt has continued to deliver on its commitment to quality and has enjoyed a long relationship with this client. This stylish chair continues to be a popular choice for outdoor cafes and company cafeterias and will be for some time.

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