Tube Bending

Leonhardt provides extensive tube bending services for a wide range of applications and tubular products. Tube bending equipment ranges from simple tube benders to state-of-the-art multi-radius CNC tube bending machines capable of production runs and delivering complicated bent tube products of the highest quality and standards.

With a focus on delivering highly decorative bent tubing and tubular products, an emphasis is placed on delivering precise, clean radius bends ready for polishing and/or chrome plating.

Tube Bending Capabilities

  • Tubes Sizes from .25" Outside Diameter to 3" Outside Diameter
  • Multi-Radius Tube Bending
  • One Piece, Continuous Loop (Full Radius) Tubing Bends
  • Compound Tube Bending
  • Length Up to 12 Ft.
  • Bend Radius from .5" To 12"
  • Calendaring
  • Tube Bends Include CNC Rotary or Manual Rotary Arm Mandrel Tube Bending, Compression And Ram Tube Bending, Three-Wheel Roll Bending, Double Headed Draw Bending, and Interpolation Bending
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